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6,000 m2 warehouse with 13 completely independent chambers for greater ease of location and inventory. Each chamber can be programmed for freezing or cooling. Our clients can have one or many exclusive independent chambers only for their products.

The best option in warehousing and effective distribution of health supplies, medical devices, surgical and healing materials; as well as, cosmetology and beauty products; timely satisfying the needs of our customers and suppliers by using the latest technology and the highest quality standards in the market with the sole purpose of contributing to health care.


Company dedicated to commercialize mixed medicines to the private market in order to meet their needs by contributing to the demand of the Mexican population in terms of health and wellbeing, taking care of the safety and efficacy of the products throughout the distribution chain according to the labeling guidelines of the product and the rules applicable to Drugstore UMS to ensure that the patient has a quality product.

Company dedicated to improve the quality of life directly in the optimal functioning of the body, mind and appearance through our products in personal care, beauty, health and nutrition, always offering the best price and quality.

Our professionalism has given us the trust of national and international clients by manufacturing their products or acquiring our brands.

Is a magazine that combines the best of two media: Press and Magazines. It is a media that informs in an objective manner, pleasant format with avant-garde design; its content is current and interesting that captivates readers every month.