We are a dynamic and avant-garde corporation composed of several divisions that bring together great experts in regulatory matters, who have not only focused their practice in the public sector; they account with great experience gained in the private sector.

Our degree of specialization in the regulatory/sanitary sector has led us to resolve all the problems and regulatory needs of the pharmaceutical industry, food, beverages and other products for the use for human and animal consumption.

We have the ability to address any problem not only from our visual point of view, but we seek the most efficient solution to obtain optimal results in the shortest possible time.

 Mission :
Become the leading corporation in business and investments in Mexico and the rest of the world for our commercial associates with continuous improvement and innovation in the commercialization and distribution of supplies, products and services for health care.

 Values :
Honesty, Reliability, Consistency and Commitment.

Competitive Qualities :
Intelligence, Creativity, Learning, Teamwork, Strategic Vision and Leadership.

 Work Philosophy :
Excellence, Professionalism and Multidisciplinary.